Sunday, March 01, 2009


There is a Russian IT company that tends to rent huge stands at tech conferences and have a squad of practically naked girls gyrate on them; I mean, booth babes are one thing, but they are going further. The result is a constant line of the ill-bred standing in front of their stand, ogling. Anyway, on the Wednesday of MWC I happened to walk out of an aisle behind the stand, with the result that I appeared from behind some SIM-verification company's placards, facing the line of oglers. It was a depressing sight - what struck me was that they didn't even appear to feel anything as humane as lust, which implies more participation. Sex with the sex taken out is a highly sinister concept; Orwell made good use of this in 1984.

(Actually, the dancing was sort of North Korean Mass Games, come to think of it.)

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Anonymous said...

See, this is exactly the sort of post that would be better with illustrations.

Of the line of oglers, obviously.

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