Sunday, December 21, 2008

anger is an energy

And then I was fool enough to look at another newspaper. So, with Labour you can at least hope they'll look after us in the recession, right? No, they want to give bailiffs the right to restrain people, and to charge interest on social fund loans. And they're blowing hot and cold on the Jaguar-Land Rover loan. (Did you know their sales are actually ahead of last year's? You think all that stuff about the City not wanting to lend industry any money was true?) Merry Christmas to you, too... It's not just the why - it's the why now? Interest on loans for mattresses for the poorest of the poor, in the depths of The Crash of '08?

On the other side, Michael Portillo devotes his column in the Times to explaining why Britain has lost its stomach for a fight and the US willl not think we're "reliable" because of withdrawing from Iraq. (Although it's their declared policy to, ah, withdraw from Iraq.) Jesus. Portillo talks like he's some sort of ironclad veteran, rather than the defence secretary who allowed someone-or-other to exaggerate the troop requirement for Bosnia by a factor of 10 while his mate Douglas Hurd was collecting fees at NatWest Markets for privatising the other side's telecomms network.

And as Dean Godson scurries back under his stone, Anthony "VDARE" Browne clears the decks for his inevitable safe Tory seat.


Anonymous said...

The US military hasn't considered the British reliable since (and during) WWII.

I noticed that the Tata Group announced its intention to finance the Ferrari team in Formula One next year and, of course, they can't find the money to support Jaguar-Land Rover.

Just as Channel 4 desperately needs a chunk of the license fee in order to survive but curiously has around £186 million available as cash.

guthrie said...

Any particular the Americans havn't thought the British reliable? I thought there was a long tradition of friendly rivalry.

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