Sunday, December 14, 2008

target for tonight...

Somebody really ought to make a table cross-referencing the police statements from the IPCC, HSE, and Coroner's investigations in the Menezes case. This should probably be me, but I'll need to consult the documents first.


Anonymous said...

How can you match the statements up if you don't know the true names of the witnesses?

Alex said...

Elementary, my dear Watson. I'm going to assume that if, say, Cressida Dick is actually a robot, at least she is the same robot in both reports. There are plenty of names in IPCC2 and in the coroner's inquiry.

Anonymous said...

While the death of Mr de Menezes was a real tradgedy , this inquest showed that
juries are getting wise to the fact that the police routinely lie under oath. This
time the jury saw through the police lies.Unfortunately this is a rare exception.
Over the years I have seen dozens of people innocent of the crime they have been
charged with found guilty because the jury chose to belive the police's fabricated
evidence.A good example is the muppet that was found guilty of the Jill Dando
killing.It was obvious to anyone with a little sense that he wasn't guilty.The people I
am taking about were charged with far less serious crimes than the ones mentioned
above.A lot of them had previous covictions. Despite this they were no less guilty
than the alleged Guilford Bonbers or the late Sally Clarke.So the next time you
happen to be chosen for jury service please pay attention to the evidence given by
the police and if it does not quite add up do not give them the benefit of doubt.That
benefit of doubt has seen far to many innocent people convicted already.

Gridlock said...

Jill Dando was a special case though, routed through Special Branch and other govt agencies due to the Serb connection...

Everything gets murky past Bondsteel..

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