Tuesday, December 23, 2008

can I get a witness? can? I get? a witness?!

So, Viktor Bout's extradition came up in court. Again. And this time the man himself took the stand to say a number of markedly sovok things - apparently the US is only doing this to divert attention from its internal problems and to prevent international peace between Russia and Thailand.

Do you realise that in America they shoot at each other, with pistols? Fraternal greetings!

And then, guess what? His latest lawyer requested that the court adjourn after two of his witnesses failed to show up. They're admirals in the Thai navy! Sure! But they're...sick. Yes, terribly sick. Look! An earthquake! So the hearing was put off until the 6th of March, by which time he will probably have decided he needs to change his legal representation again.

One thing he certainly has changed, going by the AP photos, is the colour of his moustache, which has become significantly darker during his provisional incarceration. I make no comment on this, other than to record it, and to suggest that perhaps he wishes to avoid being mistaken for a rival air-drop operator well known for delivering seasonable gifts to the most remarkable places, Father Christmas.

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