Sunday, November 16, 2008

the stars are right...

This looks like being the ultimate TYR event. Via Ballardian, yer man from BLDGBLOG is going to be speaking at UCL on the 26th November on Feral Cities and the Scientific Way of Warfare. Quote:
At the very least, you'll get an early preview of Antoine's forthcoming book – in which he introduces the term chaoplexic warfare in a survey of everything from ant "swarms" and the use of 18th-century battlefield metaphors to the distributed geographies of the Russian mafia, the MedellĂ­n drug cartel, and Al-Qaeda – and that's already quite a lot right there.
It's being organised by the Complex Terrain Lab. And it's going to be held in the J.Z. Young Lecture Theatre - yes, that's J.Z. Young as in the squid expert. Surely I can't miss that? We could make this into a little rantercon, perhaps.

I can't help feeling that a Dadaist response is appropriate somehow.


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Will you be coming dressed as a rhinoceros, or just as Osama?

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