Sunday, November 09, 2008

all-purpose Home Office bashing

ID cards sliding right again. This time it's the airport workers - they've been downscaled from all the airport workers to just London City and Manchester, and from a production deployment to an "18-month trial". This comes after the planned issue of cards last month went from "actually issuing the cards" to "announcing it again". Jacqui Smith is whistling past the graveyard, making up tales about people stopping her in the street to ask for ID cards. Perhaps they were asking for her ID card? Meanwhile, the cost comes back up to £59 again, whilst the fantasy of the private sector registering everyone for (?) gets trotted out.

Meanwhile, this should be the most damning thing ever said about Stockwell. Clearly, the police weren't following their own procedures, the command structure was nonfunctional, and Cressida Dick was out of her depth. But then you'd know that if you'd read the IPCC Report; so why haven't any of the sodding newspapers?

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