Thursday, May 03, 2007


So Lord Browne is gay. Who knew? Well, I did, simply because people have googled and hit this site at a rate of 20 a day since March, 2004. Think digital privacy doesn't matter? Think again.

But let's ask another question. Back in 2005, BP killed a dozen workers at its Texas City refinery, in an incident that US federal investigators later attributed to incompetence and penny-pinching on the part of BP managers. Jordan Barab covered it in great detail. But it took the Mail two years to even mention it.

I can see their reasoning. I don't have to like it, but I can see it. Shareholders' BP was coining it. But why this fit of morality? Is the Mail against business? Alternatively, we have to consider the possibility that Paul Dacre really does think it's better to fry people alive in burning kerosene vapour than make love to them in a manner he (or the Rothermeres) dislikes.

By the way, it's painful to think that Ségoléne Royal actually brought up workplace safety in the French presidential debate last night. Imagine that.

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