Sunday, April 29, 2007

Digital Dave signs up to WLAN psuedoscience

I didn't grok the significance of "Debi Jones", a Tory councillor quoted by the Sindy's latest WLAN pseudoscience scare piece, until I checked in on this row at the Ministry. In a box-out that doesn't appear on their website, Jonathan Owen quotes "Debi Jones, Tory councillor for Hightown in Somerset" as saying that:
"It seems strange that these stories are only coming out now and seem to coincide with the proliferation of mobile phone masts."
Well, except that they aren't and they don't. It turns out Debi Jones is a Cameron/CCO top list candidate and ex-TV presenter, so presumably the Tories have OK'd this as a campaign issue, despite Dave from PR's tendency to use the word "digital" at every opportunity. How dreary.

BTW, can I propose a rule of political discourse? Can we all agree that any politician who wishes to use the words "digital" or "analogue" first publicly define them? They do not mean "new" and "old", nor do they mean "good" and "bad".

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