Sunday, April 29, 2007

Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite

The Ministry reports on some Tories' bright idea, a website where people who don't want to be contacted by canvassers can "sign up" to be taken off their lists. The man behin it, Tory councillor Jeremy Kite, turns up in comments to defend himself.

A clue: it seems not to have declared that Tory canvassers were the ones who would avoid your door, and there is (as Kite admits) no procedure to share this information with the other parties. It's hard to see how this isn't intended to produce the following effect: "What's this, canvassers? I signed up to say I didn't want to see you. Bugger off!" and either abstention or a spite vote for "somebody else" - who is by definition the Tory candidate.

It's also not so fantastic for Kite to be encouraging the public to opt out of politics.

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