Sunday, March 11, 2007

24 hour Tory party people

You can't beat them, so why don't you join in...

OK, so every blogger and their cat knows about "Guido Fawkes"'s personal history these days. Hull University in the mid-80s, Federation of Conservative Students, working for David Hart and friends - this is the bit he softpedals - and then the bit he turns up to 11, his period "organising raves around the M25".

Tim Ireland points to a history of the scene which describes his involvement. It wasn't raves he organised, but rather a political campaigning group which opposed the then Tory government's crackdown, or at least claimed to. I say "claimed to" because it strikes me as unlikely that someone on David Hart's staff would have flipped across the spectrum quite that far and so quickly.

In terms of policing history, there's no time at all between the Miners' Strike and the rave/road protest crackdown. Some would say they overlapped, if you date from the Beanfield. And he does seem to have known his way around Queen Anne's Gate rather well:
I remember being at something at the Home Office, I ended up in this blazing row [with a Home Office official]. He said 'look, I know who you are, we know all about you', became I had a Special Branch record from being in politics, working in extreme groups.
One wonders what he was doing at the Home Office. One also wonders what he was doing not long before than in Johannesburg. Nice friends you've got there, as they say.

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Anonymous said...

reading your remarks on Home Office Intelligence and Security, further your refference to "being known " by the Special Branch as an extremist, I find it hard to understand you and those like you as I am sure you would be amongst the first to cry shame if you were not protected and allowed topersue that which you call freedom but don't want to subscribe to its very considerable cost, but you seek to slate those who are able and at no small cost to them selves do ensure you have a less than ideal but liveable world to exist in.

Why do I find the remarks of you and those like you offensive in the extreme? Before "retirement" I was one of those unknown guardians of your right to life, and all the riches freedom allows. I did it freely and with my own conviction!! My reward? I was am Officer and a Gentleman, who however couldn't even take my own wife or even mother into my confidence as to what I did for my country and fellows. To receive decorations amongst the highest this country, and others have to offer but only be able to look at them myself and remember that which I thought to be for the betterment of my Oh so ungrateful fellows.

That said ,at least I do have the memories of time past and deeds done, and i hope things made better. ---- What do you and yours have left over----anything?I doubt it, but what ever you think you achieve why oh why knock those who do it for you selflessly, think before you condem!!!

A somewhat Mad Major (ex SAS ex Home Office ex SIS)!

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