Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chris Lightfoot

Our regular reader, MySociety prime mover, pythonmeister, sysadmin, hammer of government mainframe psychosis, Chris "Chris" Lightfoot has died, at a terribly young age.

I never met him, but I saw and used enough of his projects, and shared enough blog, to respect his good sense, campaigning venom, and technical chops greatly. In fact, Chris was a prime example for the development of this blog for the last two years, and an example that led me to start regaining lost skills.

The last communication I had with him was on the subject of a campaign against John Reid. I'm not sure whether I should be concerned that this morning I had a moment of dread at the thought of removing the blog from my RSS reader - as if, perhaps, there might be some good news if I left it there. Grief, like all other emotions, will infect all new communications media - I don't think William Gibson thought of that, or if he did he didn't write it. It's not as commercial as saying that sex will infect all new media like a virus.

Chris Lightfoot. Presente!

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