Sunday, March 11, 2007

Somebody's been criticising my web design

OK, then, someone's been complaining about this blog's general appearance, specifically the javascript clock that Internet Explorer sufferers can see around their cursors. It's Web 2.0. Honest.

Fools. Just imagine if I had decided to ignore the user testing feedback and unleash this TYR Beta from December, 2004 on the world.

I really can't imagine how I managed to build that eye-buggering horrorshow. It really has a smell of Geocities in 1998+tinfoil hat insanity, no? Still, time to move on. This blog, frankly, is ugly.


Anonymous said...

I can put up with a lot of different web designs, and truthfully, the yorkshire-ranter website isn't anything to complain about, but that clock is the ultimate bear-detector-bogeyman and really needs to be removed.

Martin Wisse said...

Not just IE users, Opera also shows that bleeding obnoxious useless clock thingie, which even on the reasonably well endowed laptop I'm working with chews up CPU time!

Anonymous said...

it renders fine in w3m (, so no complaints here ;)

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