Saturday, December 09, 2006

Teh data, fools!

SpyBlog hits the nail on the head: isn't it time for the government to disclose the actual numbers on how much po-210 (and anything else) was floating around Alexander Litvinenko's carcass? Scaramella walked from UCH two days ago, just after having told his boss's pet paper back in Italy he was dying of radiation sickness. Now, Kotvin vanishes into a sealed hospital ward just as the Yard pitch up in Moscow. It's possible he's really ill, of course. It's very strange that - seeing as he was exposed, presumably, at the same time as Litvinenko - he should suddenly fall ill now.

After all, the biological half-life is 50 days. So, assuming his argument is that he got a smaller dose, he's hardly likely to keel over now. And - seeing as he flew to London to see Litvinenko on a plane that somehow got contaminated, saw him, returned on another plane that is hot, and seems to have left traces in all kinds of places - there are some questions he needs to answer. It's certainly convenient that he's in an isolation ward, no?

Only the data will clear up even a little of the fog of bullshit floating around the case.

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