Saturday, December 09, 2006


So the BBC was blegging last night for information on Transaero's B737 EI-DDK, an aircraft involved in the Litvinenko case which is reportedly all hot with po-210. You just knew this blog would end up being involved, didn't you?

Transaero is a fairly respectable outfit, set up as a competitor to Aeroflot in 1991 and mostly operating Boeing types from Moscow-Domededovo. EI-DDK is a 737-4S3, serial number 24165, which has been knocking around unremarkably since 1989. Transaero bought it off Boeing's resale division in 2003.

It was in Heathrow on the 28th-29th of October, having come from Moscow, which is presumably why it fell under suspicion - reportedly, Lugovoi, Kotvin and Co. travelled aboard it on their way to meet Litvinenko. Arriving on the 28th; leaving on the 29th. The last photo I can find of it puts it in Tegel Airport, Berlin on the 2nd of December.

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