Sunday, December 10, 2006

For Dawkins' sake...

Get your idle legs over to the Weblog Awards and vote for Fistful. Exercise your democratic rights here. We're losing to some random bunch of Dutchmen, but you can help us finish ahead of the demented thrappers of Brussels Journal.

As usual with blog awards, it's stuffed with the overrated and the clich├ęd. There was only one category where it wasn't blindingly obvious who to vote for (hint: the one that hadn't advocated anything amounting to a crime against humanity in international humanitarian law or propagated a deliberate falsehood this year), excluding the ones that were just obscure. That was the Middle East one, where there's a choice between AFOE's sister blog Aqoul and the Secret Dubai Diary...

This crapness is a result of high traffic blogs exporting their traffic. I suggest a better idea: why not weight the voting per capita? It would be the number of votes divided by the average unique hits/day, thus putting BoingBoing, Scripting News, Little Genocidal Fuckwit et al on an equal footing with everyone else.

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