Thursday, April 29, 2004

Tell me again - what was it fight promoters do for society?

Frank Maloney, well-known boxing promoter and UKIP candidate for Mayor of London (Doesn't the sheer crappy populism of that make, as Simon Hoggart put it, your teeth fur over?) has got into trouble by ranting at gay people. He declared that he would not be campaigning in Camden because there were "too many" of them, and that he "didn't want to campaign around gay people...I don't think they do a lot for society". Eh? Can anyone remind of the great social benefits boxing promoters bring us, other than encouraging poor people to beat shit out of each other in the name of profit, entertainment, gentlemanly competition, and of course profit, and then doing their level best to hang to as much of their money as humanly possible? Oh, and did I mention profit? Not, of course, that I accuse Mr. Maloney personally of defrauding any of his boxers. Mind you, it would be damn hard to find a promoter who we could discuss honestly without having to mention anything actionable. Not that I'm against boxing, but I find it pretty rich to hear a member of Don King's profession lecturing the public on morality.

He was, however, right about two things at least:
"What's it got to do with them? The Gay Conservatives are not going to vote for me anyway"

"I have said I don't want to campaign around gays because I don't think they will vote for me. "

That's probably the safest bet of his career.

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