Thursday, April 29, 2004

Student lives in library, builds blog - this is news?

It is reported that a student at New York University spent the last eight months sleeping in the basement of the library at his college because, despite working four jobs and drawing a scholarship, he couldn't afford hall fees. Students have, of course, a reputation for catlike powers of sleep, and with the best will in the world an academic library can sometimes get soporific. (My degree was in European Studies. The Journal of European Community Studies. Take my word for it.) But this chap claims not to have had a choice. Just to prove he wasn't asleep over his books, he built a blog (Blogs - we don't report the news we are it! to misquote William S. Burroughs), here. As in the Blogger "What to do if your mother finds out about your blog" tutorial, it was when the college authorities stumbled on traces of blog that he was rumbled. He has apparently been given a room in halls (or perhaps they buried him down there!).

Is this really how we want to run our higher education?

(BTW the blog's lying in a pool of credibility after LiveJournal cut him off for using too much bandwidth. Serves him right for using crappy livejournal, no?)

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