Sunday, April 25, 2004

Courts rule that man must be freed due to mental state

The courts have ruled in a groundbreaking decision that a man who can only be named as "DB", who has been detained without trial or even a reason in the Home Office since 2001, must be released from his duties immediately on the grounds that his ordeal has caused him to develop a psychosis. Sources close to his doctors suggest that his symptoms include a florid delusion that he "knows what is best for everybody's safety" and a "dangerous obsession with control". Judges were forced to act when he took a number of Muslim citizens hostage in Belmarsh prison for no reason he would give to anybody else. But it seems that this may not be the end of the matter, as he is reported to be in denial of his illness and to be experiencing an extreme transference of his problems onto those around him: DB calls judges' decision "bonkers" and claims he will change the law

I suggest the patient should observe a period of silence and undergo obscurity.

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