Friday, October 10, 2003

The same blogger who prepared that article, Mediocre Fred, has also recently written at length on another Ranter target, the US fraudster and conspiracy propagandist Lyndon LaRouche, who is apparently standing for the Democratic presidential nomination. LLR, the editor of Executive Intelligence Review, is famed whereever faintly anti-Semitic gun nuts meet for his idiosyncratic explanations of the world. It was his rag that popularised the Princess Diana assassination babble, and you see his stuff in all sorts of supposedly respectable places on the net. It's the usual stuff - international financiers, world government - and we know what that usually means. This is him on the men behind Arnold Schwarzenegger:

"I would simply say it's a banking group, a private financial banking group, which was involved in France in setting up of the Banque Worms operation, which gave us the Vichy government and those who invented Hitler, and those who were plotting the Nazi takeover of Europe during the 1940s. The same group, exactly the same group"

Which turns out, surprisingly, to be the gentlemanly Anglo-French banking house Lazards, one of the last old-fashioned Jewish family-owned merchant banks left.

"And the key thing are the synarchists. The synarchists are the same. Lazard Bros. in France was part of the Nazi operation during WWII."


Here's some of Fred's comments on him:

"But America is no place for quitters, and LaRouche has put his hat back in the ring for 2004. He has a campaign Web site and everything.

Why LaRouche? Well, for one thing, he isn't tainted by political experience, like so many other candidates out there. He has a lot of views, which he's not shy about expressing. And he's been to prison on federal conspiracy charges. Now, other candidates might try to hide that bit of biographical information or cook up some sortof excuse. But Lyndon LaRouche is no ordinary candidate. To him, his jail sentence is a key selling point. According to his literature:

LaRouche is the only presidential candidate to have been convicted in a Federal criminal case. As the measure of a man's virtue is often the numerousness and savagery of his enemies, the fraudulent character of that conviction is, in fact, the most powerful proof of his exceptional qualifications for election to be President."

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