Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Great news...the Americans will let Iraq have mobile phones

One may recall that very soon after the collapse of the Ba'athist regime, a business had started up offering a world standard, GSM mobile phone network in Baghdad and some other parts of Iraq. That was, until the Americans saw it differently and confiscated most of their equipment. This was no doubt why - they didn't like the fact that the world mobile standard isn't the same as the CDMA system used in the States, hence not providing as much pork from the Iraq reconstruction barrel for US electronics firms. Mr. Issa, of course, is the car salesman made good who put up the funding for the California recall campaign but had to withdraw from the running after dodgy deals in his past were revealed. This is also very interesting on the topic. But now the CPA has changed its mind, and according to "communications minister" Haider Jawad al-Aubadi, "Iraq badly needs the mobile system to enhance the security of the country". Yeah.

It'll be more like this, though - not so much "Hello? HELLO? I'm ON THE TRAIN!" but "Hello? HELLO? HELLO? I'M HIDING IN A DITCH! YES, A DITCH! No, I didn't call you a bitch. A DITCH! A trench! NOW CAN YOU CALL THE MILITARY POLICE AND ASK THEM TO STOP SHOOTING!"

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