Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Dog taught to make Nazi salute

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Original Berliner Kurier article

Vienna's Der Standard reports that a Berlin man will appear in court on Thursday charged with "using the characteristic marks of an unconstitutional organisation", an offence under German legislation forbidding neo-Nazi activities, Paragraph 86a of the Federal Criminal Code. The nature of the alleged offence is unusual - he trained a dog to make the Nazi salute on command.

The 54-year old man apparently cried "Sieg heil!" and made the salute himself first before giving the dog the command "Adolf - sitz! Mach den Gruß!" (Sit, Adolf! Make the salute!) at which cue the hound (a German Shepherd cross called "Adolf") raised his right paw to the prescribed (and indeed proscribed) position. The court will first decide whether or not he (the man not the dog) is fit to stand trial, probably a wise precaution given that he put the beast through its paces in the presence of two police officers.

Here's a picture of the dog, unfortunately not doing its party piece -

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