Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The Pangloss Report

Well, that's it. The swine have won - from Ali C via Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair to refugee bashing Becky Wade. Lord Hutton travailed and decided that everything was for the best in this best of all possible worlds - with the exception of the BBC. So exactly what is a judge doing "standing by" the Prime Minister in a political matter? To me that implies loyalty. And that is not compatible with an investigation. Also, what is the difference between "sexing up" the dossier and having the No.10 private office try to word it as persuasively as possible? It may not have been improper for John Scarlett to accept suggestions, but the history of the draft, as exposed by the inquiry, suggests not that more material was added but that caveats were removed. It's not just Scott-style semantics - arguing about the exact definition of the word "sophistry" - it's a total exercise in the worship of power. What is all this nonsense about grave attacks on the integrity of government? Are we a banana republic to have laws against insulting the Leader?

Weak, weak, weak. I'll post something more intelligent when I've digested details.

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