Wednesday, January 28, 2004

3 - The Beeb Bash

Hutton says there were management failures at the BBC. "An attack on the government's integrity". Boo hiss!

1 - The reports were all nonsense.
2. - "The communication of information through the media is a vital part of a democratic society, but the right of communication does not include a right to attack the integrity of public figures.."
3. - "The BBC managers are at fault in failing to investigate the government's complaint adequately..and failed to appreciate the lack of support for the most serious of the allegations. The BBC governors have a duty to defend the independence of the BBC against attacks from the government, which were phrased much more strongly.." Says the view of Gavyn Davies that the Board of Governors was not the right body to investigate is "understandable but not correct". Governors should have "considered whether it was in the public interest to broadcast". BBC should say they shouldn't have broadcast it.

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