Saturday, January 31, 2004

Andrew Gilli-Gone

He's resigned. Supposedly after the NUJ discovered that many of its members wouldn't support him. If nothing else, this at least proves what I call the AHAB principle - all hacks are bitches. Journalists have in common with economists, psychoanalysts, bloggers and various other tribes the trait of enjoying nothing more than a good internecine brawl. The Guardian reports that he has already lined up a job in the print media - I think he deserves it. It's true that he couldn't really stay once both of the BBC's leaders were overboard, but I think he deserves some recognition. The non-discovery of WMDs daily gives the lie to the government - does anyone sincerely believe that, after all the documents released through the inquiry, the No.10 press office had nothing to do with it?

Just like salesmen are paid to sell, reporters are paid to break the news. This is the Main Story of the times, and he broke it and gooood.

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