Sunday, March 13, 2011

You are experiencing the flexibility in the rule in that they haven't already deleted you

Here's Yahoo!, heroically defending the image rights of individual Egyptian torturers. It looks like it's getting time to slurp all my stuff out of Y!, but beyond that, what a thread. The number of people queuing up to explain how compassionate and reasonable the boss is being. Ugh. Frankly, I think you might as well post the damn photos if you stormed the secret police headquarters.

So you may as well support the Piggipedia and write to them at this e-mail address:

PS, after all the cock about Facebook revolutions, the US State Department's taking its sweet time to call off Yahoo!'s intellectual-property Brian Coats. You might think they were embarrassed about potential disclosures.


john b said...

D'you think many/most of those commenters are Y! employees? It doesn't seem that way to me - seems more like the general arseholeyness about RULES VICH MUST BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES that public general-interest online communities always seem to engender (and which massively puts me off participating in them). Wikipedia is the canonical example here.

Alex said...

Well, rather my point...people who internalise the rules imposed on them.

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