Thursday, March 03, 2011

fake tales of San Francisco echo through the air

It is now reasonably certain that I'll be in Palo Alto from Saturday evening to Thursday evening. I'm going to be carless but close to a CalTrain station, if that helps anyone. The explanation is of course here.

Update: I will be here from 6pm tonight with some bloggers.

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Unknown said...

If you're at the hotel where the conference is held, you may technically be in Palo Alto but it would be like going to a conference billed as being in London and finding it was in Hounslow.

I've got a friend who lives near that CalTrain station, which is actually a fair walk from the hotel. It may well be closed in a few months, along with many others, in response to one of the interlinked budget crises that our low-tax zealots are imposing on the state.

I'd normally welcome any excuse to get out for a beer/whatever but doubt that I could escape domestic duties on the weekend and I guess you ought to be networking with the attendees while the conference is running. So I'll just hope the event is worth crossing the Atlantic for. If you're stuck for something to do on an evening in the week, let me know and perhaps I could swing by.

Mentioning beer, I idly did a search of your site for that word, and came across mentions of Stafford Beer. That takes me back, I remember getting Platform for Change, multi-coloured pages and all, from the local library. That was far too many decades ago, now I'm just a grumpy old ex-pat.

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