Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sometimes, FaxYourMP Just Isn't Enough

I don't quite know what to make of this:

Q What other sites, remember any particular internet sites you looked at?

A When I was doing research about MPs, I looked at one called and I think another one was called publicwhips [].

Q So, have you carried out any research to ... about Stephen Timms.

A Yeah, on ... I looked up, I found, I Googled him, I found out he had a website, I found a page about him on ... if you follow that link it shows information about how he voted on different things related to the Iraq war and the build up towards it. I found out that ... he very strongly agreed with the invasion of Iraq and they said very strongly because they worked out all his votes for everything related to that and it came up to something like 99.9% support or something like that.

Q How does that make you feel?

A That made me feel angry because the whole Iraq war is just based on lies and he just voted strongly for everything as though he had no mercy. As though he felt no doubts that what he was doing was right, even though it was such an arrogant thing to do and I just felt like if he could treat the Iraqi people so mercilessly, then why should I show him any mercy?

Q What, what makes you think that it's your place to go and stab him?..


Lord Blagger said...

Lots of people feel the same, but don't go to the extremes of trying to murder an MP.

The reason is simple. MPs don't represent their constituents. They represent themselves, and then their parties.

The electorate doesn't get any look in when it comes to an issue. We aren't allowed a say.

Now its actually quite cheap to arrange.

1. Abolish the house of Lords. Over the next 5 years that is 0.6 billion saved.

2. Add an extra field to the voter registration. You nominate an MP.

3. It's proxy votes that count for approval of bills.

4. Borrowing needs a bill. Taxation needs a bill. Spending needs a bill.

5. All it takes is one MP to set a website up enabling people to cast their votes on a vote by vote basis.

between-the-lines said...

Sounds vulnerable to obsessive minorities, Blagger.

The important stuff is often the unglamorous stuff that people won't want, or won't bother to vote for, you know stuff like sewers, or pest control.

And wouldn't it also go the way of California, which I gather, is in financial crisis in large part due to the chaos that the system of "props" creates?

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