Sunday, November 14, 2010

local news: power cuts

We keep having power cuts. In eight days, we had three, all of them between 5.30am and 6am, which all lasted most of the morning. I know exactly when they happen, because the smoke alarms start beeping and wake me up. My partner claims she was warmer on a demo than she was in the flat during no.2. As they seem to follow a pattern of happening at the same time every other day - just about when power demand starts to turn back up in earnest - I was wide awake at 0545 today waiting for the plaintive beeps. But no - looking at the chart, the ramp-up is later on a Sunday. Mind you, later in the day the lights flickered repeatedly for half a minute.

So I rang up UK Power Networks' (what used to be EDF Energy Networks, what used to be the London Electricity Board) press office and announced myself as a blogger. And the lights immediately went, actually, they issued the following statement.

UK Power Networks would like to apologise to some customers in the
Holloway Road area of London who have experienced a series of power interruptions over recent weeks.

In the latest incident, power was interrupted to 327 customers at 5.54am today and restored to all customers affected by 11.20am.

The cause of the problem is believed to be an intermittent fault on an underground cable which our engineers are currently trying to trace. This can happen when the heat generated within the cable seals the damaged section, making it difficult to trace

Can it indeed. Let's hope they don't end up needing to do one of these.

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Anonymous said...

With these systems I tend to think that the null hypothesis is that no-one knows how things are supposed to work any more - I remember someone in a utility telling me '90% of our operational experience retired today'.

(capcha = bleos, presumably some sort of unholy mixture of BeOS and Blears as in Hazel)

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