Sunday, November 01, 2009

blobby blobby blobby

Here's a case study in unpopular populism: 'The ravers should have more respect for Mr Blobby. He was a hero to a lot of kids and the thought of them taking drugs and having all-night raves in his house is completely disrespectful.'.

The photographs are truly eerie. Like this one:
don't make me go to the polka dot place

Of course, it was never popular in the first place, as evidenced by the fact the whole enterprise crashed within two years, with one of the projects only lasting three months. Strangely, the Mail doesn't mention that Noel Edmunds and the local council together managed to burn a sizeable amount of Morecambe taxpayers' money, in what should in hindsight have been a kind of cautionary preview of the whole strength-through-casinos project. (They later moved onto leaping into bed with Urban Splash, just in time for the property crash.)

I'm also, however, surprised that it was so late into the 90s; I'd associated it with the rainy era of early John Major. Now, of course, the medium density fibreboard, gypsum, glue, and pink paint has gone the way of the hype, after 13 years of exposure to successive North-West European winters without maintenance; once the roof leaks, any light structure has had it, "ravers" or no "ravers".

This deserves to be iconic

That one could be titled "Spiritual Britain", I think. There's also one of two pink spheres described as "mushroom-type objects". Unfortunately they've removed one that showed the old health & safety at work violation on opening day, grinning over the heads of three visibly unenthusiastic kids.

A special point; behold the benefits of openness. Since the Daily Hell got a proper Web site, I've actually linked to two articles on it; one on ACPO, and this one. In the absence of their Web presence, I wouldn't have even imagined that anything of any interest might come from that quarter; but the ACPO one demonstrated that they do, sometimes, carry out solid reporting, and this is at least funny. And the photo caption "Ghostly: a destroyed miniature Blobby lies abandoned, while filth lines the inside of the house" is a minor classic all to itself.

(Hat tip to History is made at night; you don't think I spend my time actually reading that fucking rag, do you?)

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Iain Coleman said...

The distressing thing about the Mail is that, for all its fascist tomfoolery, it does invest in basic reporting rather more than other papers. If you take the trouble to track a few articles that papers have picked up from the wires, more often than not it's the Mail that has troubled to contact some of the people involved and get a few extra quotes.

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