Monday, November 09, 2009

red bloggers of Leadenhall Street

Why are there so many good bloggers on the Left who work in the financial sector?

Just off the top of my head, I can think of Chris Dillow, from Investors' Chronicle, actual fund manager Duncan Weldon, stockbroker Daniel Davies, Lloyds' List journo David Osler. The team at Calculated Risk. You have to decide whether I should be counted under financial or techie, and whether I count as a worthwhile blogger.

(The List is a T&F Informa paper, so on that basis my time at Mobile Comms International might count me in. But then, I remember the CEO sending an all hands e-mail that described us as a Japanese keiretsu and "an archipelago of trading islands rising out of the sea of mediocrity that is the Internet". Or as we put it, a huge disorganised ragbag of entirely random acquisitions that didn't so much as share editorial pubs or lifts, let alone content. I'm pretty sure we published Fishmonger 2.0, and I know we put on a conference on Fire Safety at Sea.)

That's five bloggers; not many. In terms of impact, though, they can all claim a pretty high opinion multiplier effect. Me, I reckon it's a job.

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