Sunday, October 04, 2009

99% of readers will find this entirely meaningless

Wish us luck at 3.05 this afternoon. Keighley are in their first final since 1996, against Oldham, for the right to be refused promotion out of the second division (sorry, Co-Op Championship One - we've got title inflation, too).

Update: Ladies and gentlemen, we got him. 28-26, after 4-6 at half time Now watch us fuck it up! Best comment ever, here:
The RFL are looking at whether they can promote London Skolars instead of Keighley just to avoid the possibility of Cougars fans ever forgiving them

Other detail - supposedly, Alistair Campbell (born in Keighley, 1957) went to the match. I don't recall him showing up either when we were good in the late 90s - he was busy, and he mostly talked up being a Burnley FC fan - or in the 10 years between going bust in 2001 and winning the division this year, but perhaps he's been sneaking north now and then, and I've been to so few matches since then that I wouldn't have noticed.

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