Sunday, September 13, 2009

some like to go out dancing, some others like us, we gotta work

Goes especially for Antonov-32s. They seem to attract trouble, or the other way around. We've been seeing a few AYK Avia flights to Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere lately. Based in Armenia; ICAO AYK. Here's a cracking detail about one of their Antonov-32s, EK-32500 (Kyrgyz registry), serial number 2009 in its past guise as 9L-LFP (i.e. Sierra Leone registry).
painted in faked UN-HCR c/s, used to transport Tchad rebels from Sudan
The owners at the time were 748 Aero Services, a company repeatedly banned from the EU in its Sierra Leone guise, and which seems to have liked classic British aircraft (although one HS748 was meant to have been destroyed in south Sudan but turned up in the DRC). They got her from Trans-Attico, a version of Air West/East West Cargo/East Wing, former owners of ST-AQA...

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