Tuesday, September 22, 2009

reviewing the results

Here's a ManyEyes visualisation of the top 40 airlines on the Viktorfeed, after a bit more than a year's data logging.

The old gang has shrunk a lot; British Gulf is still in there, but only because of their dominance before the end of February, when they cut off never to speak again. Eastern Express and AVE/Sky Cabs, the new name for what used to be Phoenix Aviation, are the new kings. Compare this one:

and this one:

Southern Air - a name long associated with the US government in various forms - is back. Oddly, Phoenix Avia, the Armenia mini-me of Phoenix Aviation, has made a comeback and has rapidly run up a surprising number of movements towards Afghanistan. The lesson appears to be that if your protection from the UAE authorities holds, you're OK.

But we knew that.

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