Tuesday, January 20, 2009

US flattened by self administered denial of service attack

Two things. Marty Lederman of popular legal blog Balkinisation has just become the first blogger in good standing to join the Obama Administration. He's going to be Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Council.

That's repellent schreibtischtäter John Yoo's old job. I repeat, old Organ Failure Yoo has been replaced by Liberal Q. Weblog. That is, I think, change you can believe in. My advice; nothing dinky, Klotzen nicht Kleckern. Just seal the entire building in an evidence bag, like a forensic Christo.

Meanwhile, I wasn't bothering with the inauguration, but look at this: people are posting to NANOG reporting downstream Internet traffic as much as double normal levels, even on networks that are 80% commercial customers rather than eyeballs. Apparently it's coming through on port 8247, which is the one CNN's streaming service uses. Apparently, some sysadmins are running their own mirrors of one stream or other and blocking the rest.

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Anonymous said...

A forensic Christo is perfect, although I am no sure if Marty is a teal or azure kind of guy. Fingers crossed, it is only day two, but one real can feel the temptation to believe in change . . .

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