Sunday, December 02, 2007

Words Fail Me

Well, this is quite the incoherent rant; words fail me to comment suitably, which is a pity because it would have been better for all concerned had they failed him. My substantive comments are in this thread at Aarowatch.

The key point here is that by examining Amis's bullshit we can form conclusions about his intellectual diet; claiming that the "indigenous" population of Spain will fall by 35 per cent every decade and that the people concerned will be replaced by Muslims is not only wrong in particular (Spain's population is rising and something like 90 per cent of immigrants are from Latin America) but wrong in general.

Clearly, he hasn't just drunk the kool-aid; he's lifted the tub and drained every last drop before hollering for more. Having passed through the Decents, he's become a full-on Conrad Black Club member; impressive.


ejh said...

I've bored on about this at Aaronovtich Watch before, but I do advise anybody who thinks this aspect of Amis is new, to check out his notorious review of Bill Buford's Amongst The Thugs (thinking about it, even the theme of the-literary-pals-all-sticking-together is an old one with Martin). Also my response in When Saturday Comes which may represent the first time anybody called Amis a bigot in print.

Randy McDonald said...

Conrad Black's a byword for Anglospherism, eh?

I'd apologize for his behaviours on behalf of all Canadians, but as my boyfriend reminds me, he's no longer one of ours.

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