Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Charming Government

The good, good people responsible for the Iraqi employees' resettlement scheme have hit upon a brilliant idea. It turns out that if you have completed the canonical 12 months, you are liable to be refused assistance if you stopped working for the British because you were being threatened; this is called "absenteeism". Even if, as it happened, the absence was on the advice of your superior officer.

I think I've already said everything that needs saying here.

So, again. Time to write to them. Be polite, but firm. Insist on the specific; quote individual horror stories rather than windy principles if possible. Demand to know what is meant to happen after the handover of security control in Basra, expected any moment now.

And, of course, blog whatever results you get.

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ejh said...

Well, we've had "making yourself intentionally homeless" (evicted) and "leaving employment voluntarily" (sacked) for twenty years so there's no obvious reason why we can't have "making yourself unavailable for work" (death threats) too. Perhaps they should apply for a Crisis Loan.

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