Thursday, November 08, 2007

The IPCC Report

The IPCC seems to be clueless about running a website, so here's a direct link to the Stockwell I report (PDF, 1.35MB): link.

Much more later.

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Anonymous said...

It's actually worse than I thought:

"Alteration of the surveillance log
20.111 There is no doubt that the surveillance log has been altered. That would
not have occurred if the investigation had been referred to the IPCC
immediately and in accordance with the practice that had been
established during the previous fifteen months of the existence of the
IPCC. The alteration totally changes the context of the entry from ‘I
believed it was NT’ to ‘and I believed it was not NT’. The significance of
this cannot be over stated. The evidence obtained by the IPCC does not
make it possible to establish with any certainty who was responsible for
the alteration. However, it is possible to infer that a clear motive lay
behind the alteration. The investigation has not found sufficient
evidence against any individual to make it possible to suggest that
criminal proceedings might be appropriate."

tr: "You covered it up but we can't nail you for it becuase we can't prove which of you did it." Blair must go.

Chris Williams

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