Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now for some real rugby

Great Britain 20 New Zealand 14!

Well, at least they didn't schedule it to clash with whatever it was the union people were doing. What a match, though - like inhaling espresso compared to the 'tothersiders. It had it all - tension! speed! spectacle! Sam Burgess, the 18-year old bolter, had a damn good game and eventually scored a crash-over try charging onto a pop up from Leon Pryce....but also very nearly did an Adrian Morley, being put on report for a sickening neck tackle immediately before scoring.

Speaking of Adrian Morley, he had a storming game. As did Sean O'Loughlin, standing in for Kevin Sinfield. And Gareth Raynor, who scored a positively illegal try, racing 50 yards to touch down a kick from Rob Burrow under the Kiwi fullback's fingers. In fact, GB rather reminded me of the sort of New Zealand team I remember; bloody good, if in a sort of chaotic way.


Peter Mc said...

Just the kind of athletic back-line running the England Union side could have done with, in fact.

(Taught how to play by Ellis Devlin, Salford RL hooker back in the day.)

ejh said...

Morley is a grotesque thug, though, really.

Anonymous said...

He can play a bit though. Still can't overcome the thuggery even so.

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