Friday, October 19, 2007

Posting to say I'm posting under Linux

I is a linux least for the time being!

Am running Mandriva Linux on the Q45; off the live cd at the moment.

I can report that the boot is reasonably painless, although I had to put it in acpi=off mode. It detected the Intel wireless LAN card without difficulty and played nicely with my Linksys box. And, fuck me, this is QUICK! I chose the KDE version and the Metisse 3D desktop, which is pretty graphics intensive...but it's still rapid.

And I could get used to working in three windows at once...perhaps.

Update: Installed, and it works! Not only that, but I can see my Windows drive from in here and get stuff out of it. Have already installed the NTFS plugin. The install went OK, too; reasonably quick and unsporky. Better yet, I've added the shebang lines to various python thingies and they all run blisteringly fast.

Here's the proof, running in the fortified TYR data centre: i is a linux wheres my squid?

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Kingdaddy said...

Your Geek Fu is truly great.

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