Friday, September 14, 2007

We stand down, they stand up

The commander of Iraqi special forces (i.e. the Badr Corps, ex-36th ICDC Battalion, ex-1st Brigade ING...) in Basra is clear about the threat facing British employees in the city; far clearer than the Government.
“All the interpreters have to leave Basra because these militia will never let them rest. They will kill everybody they know [who worked for the British],” Colonel Saleem Agaa Alzabon, who leads Basra’s special forces, said. “The interpreters have to leave. They have no choice.”

Colonel Saleem and the two targeted interpreters told The Times that the militiamen – almost certainly members of the Shia al-Mahdi Army – had stepped up their pursuit of so-called collaborators since the British withdrew from Basra city 11 days ago.
Clarity! Go read the whole thing, especially the horrifying experience of one man who was out at the Basra Air Station when the death squad turned up at home.

Contrast our fine government; it recognises, apparently, that it has a "moral responsibility", but it can't decide how many people to take, or, you know, the presentation. The bureaucratic Hamlets wring and rack. My MP roasts on the Mediterranean or blasts small birds across Scotland; apparently he doesn't play golf. But neither do the Mahdi Army, I believe. Meanwhile, people are still being killed. You can't get clearer than that.

Just to remind you, we're off to Parliament on the 9th of October, 1900 hours, Committee Room 14, St.Stephen's Entrance. Before you come along, write to them, using the talking points. You might add that we have practical policy proposals. Demand that they raise it with the Home Office, and that they come to the lobby on the 9th of October.

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