Monday, September 10, 2007

Materialise that, will you?

Here is Hewlett Packard Labs' Cloudprint, a service that allows you to print your documents to a server in their network and receive a shortcode (which can be distributed to any number of people at the same time). Then, when you need the docs, you send the code from your mobile phone and specify a web-connected printer you want to collect them from. The frontend is here, and there's a handy mashup to help you find one. You can also send any webpage into the system, presumably using the print engine HP's Tabblo uses.

And here are the RepRap guys, making rapid progress. Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? The RepRap's software uses a standard file format for its 3D designs, STL, not to be confused with my employers.

Update: Guess who went to a high-level tech conference where a senior Vice President and divisional CTO of Hewlett Packard was present and forgot entirely about his brilliant printer- and HP-related idea? Truly, the status of Tech Blogger Worshipped by Crowds of Immature Neophiles is beyond my abilities.

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