Sunday, July 08, 2007


Necrocracy: government by the dead, for the dead. Thoreau@Jim Henley's says s/he expects Dick Cheney to invoke executive privilege in relation to an act performed after he ceases to be Vice-President. It's an interesting idea, but I'm going to raise the bar. I predict that Dick Cheney's lawyers will attempt to invoke it in relation to an act performed after he ceases to be.
Congressional committee: Who authorised Operation Oedipus?

Counsel for the Cheney Foundation: Mr. Cheney.

(Sensation in Congress.)

Committee: And how is it financed?

Flack: My client asserts executive privilege over any and all information relating to Operation Oedipus.

(Astonishment, and disbelief.)

Committee: Your client is currently deceased. Indeed, he was deceased at the time Oedipus was initiated. He remains so. In fact, you don't actually have a client.

(Silence. A blogger is ejected by guards.)

Flack: I am retained to represent Mr. Cheney's continuing interests as a juridical person, which continues insofar as the provisions of his last will and testament must be placed in execution..

Senator Moulitsas (D-CA), intervening: Given what little we know of Operation Oedipus, execution is the right word!

Flack: I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss that. It is my contention that Mr. Cheney's position as Vice-President of the United States conferred privilege on his responsibilities as deputy head of the executive branch, including those which continued after his leaving office. As Mr. Cheney's prior status is unchanged by the mere termination of his biological existence, so this privilege continues unchanged.

Committee: Do you mean to say that people are taking orders from a dead man?

Flack: I dispute the use of the term "man". It implies certain responsibilities and expectations inconsonent with the dignity of the deceased Vice-President.

Sen. Moulitsas: You're damn' tootin! And that's my line!

Committee: I think we will adjourn to digest the implications of this remarkable argument..


Jim said...

Thanks for the link, Alex! That was Thoreau, actually. He would thank you too, though.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like Hotblack Desiato from Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

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