Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flock: the social UAV

Russians demonstrate swarming UAVs down in sunny Aberporth. Which reminds me - I once met a man who lived near there and claimed to have seen numerous UFOs. Yup, just across the bay from the RAE/DERA/WhateverIt'sCalledNow missile range.

Still, Flight doesn't give much detail, but here's the maker's webpage. Damn, a swarm of those would make me run like a bastard in any direction that looked like "away". It just looks spooky, and the thought of it being intelligent..well. Fortunately, one RPG in the middle of the swarm ought to be enough shrapnel to ruin their day, and all for pence.

Actually, these are the ones I think have a worthwhile future - small tactical jobs cheap enough to throw away.

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