Saturday, February 24, 2007

Support Iraqi democrats

This time, Blair seems to mean it about British troops beginning to draw-down their presence in southern Iraq. All the usual provisos still apply - so far, it's just part of the extra force that is going, and the last squaddie is scheduled to leave in three Friedman units' time, like he has been since 2003. But this time we have a timetable within one Friedman and a number.

So it's time to talk seriously about the people who have worked for us in Iraq. The Americans are only accepting risible numbers of refugees. 50 per cent of Iraqi refugees in Europe are in Sweden. It won't do to claim that the situation is peachy in Iraq. The interpreters, for example, are marked men.

Back in August, 2005 I said that
Unfortunately, the best form of support the British Left can offer secular Iraqis would be to countersign their applications for political asylum. I think someone suggested this recently - perhaps we could get a Pledgebank going?
The government is still trying to force existing refugees onto aeroplanes to Irbil in Kurdistan, this being the only place not so dangerous that the law would forbid it - apparently, if you get killed between Irbil and home that's OK. It's high time that we went operational on this.

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aelkus said...

We need to bring them in and get them asylum, either in the US, Britain, mainland Europe, or Asia.

I haven't heard much from the likes of Oliver Kamm or Nick Cohen about this--they'd rather spend their time chiding the "left," instead of actually protecting Iraqis who stood with us.

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