Saturday, January 20, 2007

GST Aero Dumped

How did I miss this? Perhaps through not reading the Kazakh press. A clutch of airlines were kicked off the Kazakh registry in October, including the storied GST Aero. (Gcached version here.) The story also mentions Phoenix Aviation, not sure why as it's not a UN-registry outfit, and Reem Air.

At the same time, Moldova has cleaned up some - their CAA is trying to pull the AOCs of airlines operating in war zones or with dubious safety records. From the 1st of February, they will need special permission to operate in the DRC, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran(?), or Iraq, or in any state that cannot maintain effective air traffic control. (Link to pdf.)


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