Sunday, September 24, 2006

Firedump: Update

It's time to shake up the embers of Operation Firedump, our effort to monitor compliance with the UNSC asset freeze list on the Viktor Bout companies.

Since December, 2005, the original list of aircraft shows a few changes.

UN-76497, Ilyushin 76-D. Serial number 43402039. This is probably the aircraft referred to in the UN list with MoldTransavia, and is now with GST Aero, repeatedly referred to in UNSC Expert Panel reports. It was also involved in the events detailed here. The most recent photo is here.


EL-AHO, Ilyushin 18D. Serial number 183006205.

EL-ASC, Antonov 12BP. Serial number 3340909.
EL-ASJ, Antonov 12BP. Serial number 402112 (doubtful)
EL-AHT, Antonov 26A. Serial number 6004 (doubtful) Now believed destroyed in accident, 12/08/2000, Tshwana, Botswana
EL-ALC, Antonov 26A. Serial number 87307104.
EL-ALT, Antonov 26A. Serial number 17311805.

No recent photos available.


UN-42428, Yakovlev 42D. Serial number 45204223046.
(Leased to Sudan Airways, believed operating to Iraq)
Returned to Irbis, then leased to SCAT of Shymkent, KZ in March, 2006. Most recent photo here.
UN-75002, Ilyushin 18D. Serial number 185008603. Recent photo here.
UN-75003, Ilyushin 18D. Serial number 184006903. Recent photo here.
UN-75004, Ilyushin 18D. Serial number 186009202. Transferred to new company, Mega Air Lines, Atyrau, Kazakhstan 29/07/06. Last photo here.
UN-75005, Ilyushin 18D. Serial number 187010204. Transferred to Mega AL. Last photo here.
UN-26582, Antonov 26B. Serial number 47313504. No photo since 2002.
(Leased to Ariana Afghan Airlines) Has been on lease to Royal Air Cargo, reseller of British Gulf International Airlines' service. Still with Ariana.


3C-KKO, Antonov 12BP. Serial number 1901706 (No photos available)


C5-GNM, Ilyushin 62M. Serial number 3036142. Last photo here.


3C-QRF, BAC-111. Serial number 61. (Operated for SAGT, owned Jetline International) Scrapped at Bucharest-Baneasa!


UN-B2701, Boeing 727. Serial number 22045. Photographed at Budapest, 12/06/2006. Transferred to Mega AL
UN-B2707, Boeing 727F. Serial number 21861. Believed transferred to private owner in UAE, registration A6-RSA. Last photo here.
UN-B2703, Boeing 727. Serial number 22046. Unknown. This aircraft location uncertain. B727 s/n 21584, same registration, is stored at Jakarta.

So, a new company in Kazakhstan has appeared. Mega Airlines, ICAO code MGK, is thought to be based at Atyrau in Kazakhstan, with two ex-Irbis Ilyushin 18s, UN-75004 and UN-75005, and the Boeing 727, UN-B2701. They seem to appear in Hungary strangely often. 3C-QRF, though, is on the firedump for good.

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