Sunday, September 17, 2006

A bad sign

Most things in this report are terrible, but I'm especially worried by this..
General David Richards, the British general who recently assumed command of Nato forces in Afghanistan, had expressed his reservations about this strategy and was expected to withdraw them when he took over at the end of July. But so far this has not happened. A senior MoD official insisted: “Our presence in these places means the Taliban cannot take over the towns and also dissipates their presence elsewhere in Helmand.”

Although he argued that Sangin was of strategic importance as the entrance to Baghran valley, where Taliban commanders are thought to be, he conceded it was harder to make a case for Nawzad and Musa Qala. “But to withdraw would be exploited by the Taliban.”
I've been increasingly surprised that, after all the losses and repeated announcements that these places were going to be abandoned, soldiers keep getting killed there. That last sentence isn't good news.

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