Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time is on my side

More than two years ago now, I poured scorn on the Grauniad for running ads for an evidently fraudulent anti-allergy gadget whilst also running Ben Goldacre's Bad Science column. A taste:
Which is all very good news for little "James", the emetic blond child whose likeness takes up one of those two pages with the tag "Mum, I can't breathe". Surely an exclamation mark missing? Mind you, the lad looks weirdly unconcerned by his predicament, but then I suppose you can't really express emotion if your eyes have been obscenely enlarged by PhotoShop until you look like a deep-sea fish.
Now, what have we here? Apparently the things are quite likely to make it worse. That's assuming "James" is ill, and not just under orders to look it so he doesn't pick up an accent from the rough boys. In which case it's just a waste of money.

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