Thursday, June 01, 2006

Foam Party: We're Going to Lashkar Ghar

OK, so our last fit seemed to have got results. The MOD had, it seemed, finally found the cash to give the RAF's C130s the explosion suppressant foam in the fuel tanks that the Americans and Australians fitted 40 years ago, after the loss of XV179 on election day in Iraq and an unprecedented campaign by the aircrew themselves.

Well. It seems that six or so aircraft have been done out of 25, and then no more. It costs about £20,000 a go...feel free to compare this figure with whatever example of waste you like. But there is good news. After going public on the 2nd May, within three days, the RAF's order for the Airbus A400-M transports was changed - from only 9 aircraft with the full defensive aids suite and the foam, to the lot.

Unfortunately, though, the rest of the fleet are still in need. Sign the petition here. It's not as if it's urgent.

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