Monday, January 02, 2006

Working without thinking

Somebody chose this winter to release a joke newswire story regarding the State of Narnia's decision to walk out of WTO talks in Hong Kong into the wild. The financial news agency AFX was apparently Patient Zero in the outbreak, which spread to other financial news sites including Forbes. Everyone and his dog has blogged this, it having appeared on, but examples of the story running on a third-party website are few and far between. However, the good people at ForexTelevision were taken in, and the report is in the Google cache, here.

A burning glass to focus the mob's blood lust on the human failings of the unfortunate - just what the Internet was invented for! This might perhaps be a good moment to recall George Orwell's remark from Politics and the English Language that if you are not always aware of what you are writing, you are not really thinking.

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